Art using "Drawing with Children"

Adrienne's bird

Celeste's bird

Andre's bird

We have been learning how to draw using this book by Mona Brookes. I read the "preliminaries" chapters at the end of the summer, but still wasn't sure how to really teach my children until I found a lesson plan at Donna Young's website. Once I read over her explanations, I was ready to start. Over the last two months, we have been slowly completing all the beginning exercises and trying to learn how to do conducive relaxation (which more often than not ends in giggles!).
I was surprised to see how much my children enjoyed doing these simple exercises, practicing the five elements of shape (see the first photo).
Today's lesson was called "Wow! I can draw!" The exercise was to draw a bird, with me reading out the instructions. They didn't see any examples, so nothing to copy from. I think their birds turned out great and they did a great job following the directions read to them.
I drew along with them, but my bird isn't quite finished yet. I need to finish colouring it. Once it is finished, I will post it on my create corner blog.


  1. Love the bird drawings. My daughter draws for 1 -2 hours each day. Drawing is just a way of life around here.

  2. I love the drawings and I love how you had the kids create them. I just had a conversation on facebook with some friends of mine about how much fun it is to do art with kids because they don't care about stuff the way we as adults do.
    Wondered over here from your create corner blog, which I also love, which I came across via Small is Beautiful.

  3. The drawings look familiar to us...we used Mona Brooke's book also. We are presently using Artistic Pursuits. My children enjoy drawing on their own, much more than 'art lessons' though.


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