Book Sharing Monday

"River of Dreams: The Story of the Hudson River" by Hudson Talbott is two books in one, a beautifully illustrated living book, and a history of the Hudson River. I picked this book up at the library because of its cover (a common reason for me!), but was so pleased to find out that it was educational as well.
At the beginning of the book, we read about the different tribes of first people that made the river their home for thousands of years. We then find out about Henry Hudson, a British Explorer working for the Dutch. The story keeps going through the years, from the 1600's to today, explaining the various battles, Fulton's Steamboat, the Erie Canal, and much more.
The author explains how the river attracted artists as well as all the traders and business men. We arrive in the 20th century and the pollution that comes with all the factories, garbage, and sewage, accumulated over those prosperous years.
I don't want to give the whole story away, but I appreciated reading about Franny Reese and her actions that helped the Hudson River.

"Many new laws and new citizens' groups have been inspired by those early heroes of the environment, and their work has begun to bring the Hudson River back to life.
The Mahicans called it "The River That Flows Both Ways". Slowly we are learning that taking care of the river is the only way that the river can take care of us."

You can read more about the efforts of Scenic Hudson and their quest to protect the Hudson River and the valley.


  1. How pretty and how sad at the same time. I love the Hudson more than any other river in the world. Books about taking care of our natural resources are always of interest to share with my son.


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