Book Sharing Monday

This book is so inviting! "Behind the Curtain: Hansel and Gretel" by Christian Thee is great for children to learn more about how the theatre works. There is so much to look at in this book, little books to open to read about the selected performance Hansel and Gretel, texts at the bottom of each page that explains what is happening, and parts of pages that you can pull up (the curtain on the stage) to reveal more! After the third act, the book shows you behind the curtain, and explains what goes on there, costumes, props, backdrops, make up, etc...

"The overture will begin in a minute. People have settled into their seats, and many in the audience are reading the program. The usher is ready to draw the curtain at the rear of the house (the seating part of the theatre) so the light from the lobby will be shut out. The houselights are about to dim."


  1. Oh, how cool. My son adores pop-up books, but dislikes fairy tales. Maybe this would be a good way to cover fairy tales in a year or two (instead of doing it while he is younger, I'm waiting to tackle them during the renaissance, when so many of them were written).


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