Book Sharing Monday

"What's a curse when it's a curse in reverse?

If it's curse in reverse, and it's given by a witch, then it's a blessing of course!"

This book was picked by Andre. The librarian read it to the group participating in a Halloween program last week, and Andre wanted to share it with me, so he brought it home. I thought it was a fun fairy tale like story with a subtle message.
The witch Agnezza is perceived as a dirty, nasty person and no one wants to open their homes for her to give her shelter or food for one night, besides one poor couple. The villagers that closed the door on her end up cursed, but the poor couple is cursed in reverse.

"Agnezza grew very angry. "I curse you!" she screeched. "I give you the Curse of the Silent Night!" And she spit on Mrs. Ragg's door.
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Thanks everyone for sharing all your favourite books! My children and I enjoy seeing everyone's suggestions and adding the titles to our library list.


  1. Wow, what beautiful illustrations! I really love that style of artwork. Sounds like a great book, will have to look out for it. :)


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