playing around with picnik


altered with picnik

I love taking pictures and now I am falling in love with altering them.

I usually don't touch my photos once I have taken them. The only thing would be to crop them or fix the lighting. I only have a very simple (and old) photo program on my computer, so I am limited and I just like the natural look anyway. Just the way I see it through the camera.

But after seeing a few photos from this artistic woman, I was inspired and just knew I had to at least give it a try. I already had used picnik, but only for making the headers on my blog Serendipity. This time, I tried a couple of photos and just had fun with it!
You can see the first set above, the before and after..

And here is another set:



wind #2


This last one with Celeste in the field makes me smile every time I see it, because when I took the photo, this is how I saw that wild grass. The yellow grabbed my eye, along with the way Celeste was standing. I was actually disapointed when I saw the "real" version in my camera, that the yellow hadn't been captured the way I saw it. Picnik seemed to fix that :)