Book Sharing Monday

This week I am sharing a book from a mystery series that has become one of Adrienne's favourite (Adrienne is 12). Our librarian had suggested the series to her. Elona Holmes Mystery series is written by Nancy Springer and so far there are five books I believe. Adrienne is now on the fifth one and just devoured the fourth one "The Case of the Peculiar Pink Fan"over this past weekend!
Adrienne loves this historical mystery series because the main character is a young girl about 15 years old that has to help other people and solve puzzles and mysteries. She also uses disguises and aliases so that her brothers won't find her, because she doesn't want to live the life of a lady. (as told by Adrienne to me when I asked her why she likes the series).

"Enola Holmes is the younger sister of Sherlock Holmes and Mycroft Holmes, born in July 1874 to Lady Eudoria Vernet Holmes and her husband. Her brothers Sherlock and Mycroft are about twenty and twenty-seven years older than she is, respectively.
Her father died when she was four. Enola and her mother live in the family home, Ferndell Hall, near Kineford village. Sherlock and Mycroft have not returned to Ferndell since their father's funeral, due to disagreement with their mother's ideologies. Mycroft, the eldest son and heir to the estate, has left management of the estate to his mother for the ten years following their father's death." from


  1. I so remember being 12 and loving to read mysteries. I would have really enjoyed reading these I think. xx
    P.S, my word verification for this post was LaRipper :)

  2. My daughter is really into mysteries right now - mainly Nancy Drew. I think she'd really enjoy these books. Thanks for sharing!


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