Holiday Lego Fun!

I gave my kids a little challenge a few mornings ago, to build some holiday-theme Lego. I showed them a couple of ideas from the Family Fun website, they ran downstairs and started building away.

My favourites are the big sleigh and the present, both made by Adrienne. I couldn't print the instructions for her for the sleigh from the websites, but after a few minutes of her telling me she had to have them, she went downstairs and built her own version! She then created all the other pieces, she loves playing with Lego. Andre made the colourful tree/pyramid, and Celeste made the little tree with the tree skirt and the little presents! The red and white sleigh was my creation!

Here are a couple of websites with some inspirations for your Lego fans:


  1. I just stumbled on your blog this morning. We are a homeschool family in BC.

    I loved your post.

    Since your kids had so much fun with the lego, I thought you might be interested in the cool things this other family has done with lego. .

  2. This is incredibly cool! What a fabulous idea. I'm quite impressed with what they have created.


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