52 books :: book 3 :: Ecoholic

This week I have been reading Ecoholic by Adria Vasil. The full title on the front cover is "Your guide to the most environmentally friendly information, products and services in Canada  Ecoholic [when you're addicted to the planet]. I found this book at our local library, but it is going to be on my wish list very soon. This guide is so full of great information. It explains why certain things are unsafe to the environment and also to ourselves (or our children, pets, etc); and then gives alternatives (all available in Canada). I really have enjoyed reading through it, it is well organized, covering topics like beauty products, home improvement, food, pets, medicine..It also includes a city-by-city resource guide for major Canadian cities. Best of all I like how it is written, a little cheeky and a lot down-to-earth, just saying it simply and to the point.
There is a US Edition as well and you can visit this website has more information:
Ecoholic .

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