52 fridays of self portraits

I love taking photos of pretty much anything...but not of myself. I saw this idea going around my contacts on flickr, and thought it was time to join in and push myself a little. At least it's not everyday, only once a week! I should be able to handle taking a weekly self-portrait.
So here I go...I might play around and alter some of the portraits I take, with picnik, but I will try to leave most as natural as possible.
This morning, I took two self portraits and couldn't decide which one to share..so here they are both. Which one do you like?

my furry baby and me

self portrait ~ 1 of 52


  1. Very cool. Not sure I wanna do this one though. LOL!

  2. I would do this if I could draw myself and do other things that would represent me.

  3. Sheri: do that!! create your own challenge that way.."52 fridays of you through art". i think it's a great idea. do it!! :)


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