52 fridays -- week 2

On to week number two for the self portrait challenge. I had fun earlier this week creating a little icon for the group (see above). That beautiful eye is Adrienne's...I used the picnik website to play around with an old photo I had, making it all black and white and then focusing on her eye. I love the colour of her eyes. I then added the letters and voila! a little icon for this fun flickr group.

This week I decided to take a photo with Adrienne, my oldest daughter. She is almost as tall as me already!


  1. Oh... this is your challenge?! I wasn't aware of that. I guess I could just have signed up with your challenge if I knew it was yours and I could have just been flexible. I feel a bit silly now. LOL!

  2. That's a great shot of the two of you and a great icon too! You're right that she has stunning eyes!

  3. Its a lovely shot. How old is your daughter?


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