Book Sharing Monday :: Creature Carnival

We read this book aloud and it was perfect timing since we are working on a mythical creatures lapbook. Creature Carnival is written by Marilyn Singer. Adrienne and I love the illustrations in this book, done by Gris Grimly. I will be looking for more picture books with his art. There is a website with a list of his books, you can see it here: Mad Creator Productions (click on Books at the top).
The book is a collection of fun rhyming poems about the attractions at the creature carnival. Some of the creatures are the mermaid, the sphinx, tricksters, the kraken, satyrs..and many more. We loved it!

Here is a little taste for you from the Pegasus page:

Has hooves, has mane.
Has tail, can neigh.
Has wings, can fly,
Might nest in hay.
Not a horse, not a bird,
Wouldn't drop an egg on us.
Very sleek, very Greek,
In a word:
It's Pegasus. "

For another poem, you can visit the author's website and read the Nessie one:

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