Book Sharing Monday :: embroidery for little miss crafty

This time I would like to share a book picked up for my older daughter and myself from the library. She has just started learning embroidery this past Christmas and seems to enjoy it.  I also saw a couple of cute little projects.
"Embroidery for Little Miss Crafty" is written by Helen Dardik (from Ottawa!).
You can visit her website at: One Lucky Helen.


  1. I love the picture of your daughter with the cat asleep behind her on the couch. That is too sweet!

  2. That is a cool looking book, will have to add it to my list to purchase!

  3. Aw!! look at that kitty following along!

  4. Ohhh please can you scan this book and share with me? I have some other craft books to exchange too

    my email

  5. Oh... so nice to see that your daughter is enjoying it:)


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