Combining two reading challenges...

Reading My Library

I have decided to combine these two challenges. We have been doing the 100 books-a-month challenge since November and we love it. To keep us a bit more organized, I am adding the "Reading my Library" challenge hosted by Carrie. Most of the books we read come from the library. Our local branch is pretty small, and I have noticed these past two months that we tend to check certain sections and sometimes not trying others. I think this will help us discover more authors, especially in the picture books area.

Carrie's plan is to read through all the Children Picture books at her library. How is she doing that? Basically by starting at A and making her way through to Z. The library has picture books organized by authors, and she started off by grabing the first 35 books under the letter A. She is giving herself as long as needed, but did mention to try and do it in 1 year.  You can visit her blog at Reading My Library.

We will continue to choose books that attract us for whatever reason, and my older two children will continue on picking their own novels, non-fiction books, and graphic novels.

If Celeste chooses other books, they will get added to our library basket too, but this will provide us with focus when we seem to lack some!

Tomorrow's library trip will find us in the letter A section of the picture books!

And one more thing...Carrie is also hosting a L.M. Montgomery Reading Challenge at her other site: Reading to Know..if you are interested.


  1. What great challenges! Last year I challenged myself to read a new book each month. This year, I'd like to do it again. It is very easy to really take advantage of using the library here; I try to bring home a bag of new books every week. I hope that when my son gets older, he'll be more interested in telling me what he wants, versus me looking for things that I hope will interest him.

    Enjoy your year of reading!

  2. That is a great idea! I'm going to give that a try this year.


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