homemade lime sorbet

We had extra limes to use up in our fridge and so we decided to make some lime sorbet. When I was searching for a recipe, I had a hard time at first finding one that didn't have any dairy products or a ton of sugar. But, finally I found one!
The recipe I used can be found here.
It uses only sugar, water, lime juice and lime zest.
It is a very simple recipe, you mix the sugar and water, with a pinch of zest in a pot, bring it to boil and stir until the sugar is completely dissolved. Set that aside and squeeze the limes to get the juice. Then, you mix the juice with the sugar mixture and let it cool. Once it is cooled enough, place in the fridge to cool more.
We don't have an ice-cream maker, so we put the mixture into the freezer and scraped the ice and mixed every 40 minutes or so. We did this most of the afternoon, by dinner time it was almost completely frozen.
Very simple to make, and so refreshing.


  1. what a lovely idea...especially in winter... a real treat. i would never think to make sorbet. we'll have to try it out! thanx.


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