More Outdoor Fun!

We had another afternoon of fun playing outside yesterday. This week, we have been able to take our puppy Orion out for walks again. He had a limp a couple of weeks ago, but now after a good rest and some medication, he is back to himself. Snow and ice make my children happy. A lot has melted, but there is still enough of it for them!


  1. Is that a Haltie on Orion? Those are supposed to be great!

    Our snow has melted too, but we enjoyed one last day of playing in it - 40 degrees and sunny. It felt wonderful!

    It looks like everybody was having fun.

  2. Hi Wendy!
    Orion has on a "gentle leader" head collar (
    It is awesome, especially with him being a husky, he wants to pull but with this I can control him. With a body harness, he would just want to pull even more, like a sled dog ;)
    It is a pleasure to walk with him!


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