Simple Canadian Geography

We have been studying Canadian Geography this year, going through each province and learning more about each one, a bit of history, a bit of cultural information, and main facts.

We use the province worksheet found on the Crayola website: Canadian Provinces. Each child has been creating a double page in a scrapbook (the plain dollar-store kind) per province, adding the colouring sheet and some pictures cut out of the travel brochures I sent for last summer from each province.

Once I am finished reading aloud about the province,  we take out the map (received from the tourist office too) and play a fun game. I tell them the name of a city, national park, or other landmark and they race to find the location on the map. They are getting quicker and quicker at finding these, using the index. Sometimes there is a prize like a chocolate chip per correct find, sometimes there isn't. They just love this game.

For my resources, as I mentioned already, I contacted each tourist board from each province, and asked to be sent maps and tourist brochures. All have websites, so it was fast and simple to order these free resources.

I also have a copy of the "Symbols of Canada" book published by the Department of Canadian Heritage, another free resource that can be requested here: The Symbols of Canada. The library has some great books, at different reading levels, on each provinces as well.

I am planning to try some authentic recipes from a few provinces, and have a celebration dinner when we have finished doing our Canadian tour of all the provinces.


  1. Thanks for sharing your resources and ideas. Fantastic!

    Enjoy your day,

  2. I just noticed in your "Helpful Homeschooling Links" that you have Land Art for Kids listed. Land Art for Kids - On The Beach, just arrived in the mail yesterday. It is great! Can't wait for the snow to melt so that we can try some of these ideas.

    The links at the side are very helpful.

  3. WOW Alex! You did a super job organising for this project, and the kids did a wonderful job!! very cool!

  4. Hey, love the books you are making! xxx


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