Book Sharing Monday :: Miga, Quatchi and Sumi: The Story of the Vancouver 2010 Mascots

Celeste and her Miga mascot, she collected Wonder bread upc codes to get it!

The 2010 Winter Olympics are starting this Friday, in Vancouver, Canada. We are proud and excited to have them in our country this year and we will be following certain events online. At the bottom of this post, I have included a few links that might be helpful to you if you include studying the Olympic Games in your home school studies this month.

I mentioned this book when we first bought it in April 2008, but thought it would be allright to share it again with you today.

Miga, Quatchi and Sumi: The Story of the Vancouver 2010 Mascots is a fun book to share with children, it is even dedicated to "all children and critters with a dream". A bilingual book (english and french), this is the story of how Sumi, Quatchi and Miga, who they are and how they became the mascots for the Vancouver Winter Games.

"Miga is a sea bear from the waters off Vancouver Island. Like the sea bears in First Nations legend, Miga and her family pod are orca whales that, on land, can change into bears."
"Quatchi is a sasquatch who loves to travel and explore. He's one of the shy, giant beasts that are described in many West Coast First Nations stories, but are rarely seen."
"Sumi is an animal guardian spirit who wears the hat of an orca - similar to the beautiful First Nations hats that are carved by great artists across British Columbia. He has the strong legs of the black bear. And he flies with the wings of the great thunderbird."
From the inside flap description of the book.

Here is a little video about the mascots:

The mascots have a fun website, filled with games, printables, and videos.

Currclick has an inexpensive Winter 2010 Olympics lapbook with study guide (grades 2 to 7) available for purchase as a pdf file.

The Canadian Olympic School Program is filled with great teaching resources. It is a free website.

If you are able to find the science magazine for kids called KNOW, the January/February 2010 issue has a big section called "The Science of the Winter Olympics".

Are you following the Winter Olympics as a special homeschool project? I would love to know, so please leave me a comment if you are!

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  1. How exciting to have the Olympics there. We're looking forward to watching them. Thanks for the links. The book looks great too.

  2. Cool post, the kids love those mascots here too. Thanks for all the great links too!!

  3. I thought this year since the twins are old enough to understand what is going on we would watch as much as we can of the Olympics this winter. Thanks for sharing the links and what a cute book.

  4. Those are sooo cute! I could totally squeeze their cheeks and cuddle them, and turn into a complete child. LOL

    My husband's cousin lives in Vancouver, and if we get stationed in Alaska, we're definitely going to have to visit the area!


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