Outdoor Hour Challenge ~ Winter Series ~ Tree

We are continuing our tree study from the fall. We planted a baby birch tree last summer. We measured it and noticed that it hasn't grown much! It has lost most of its leaves, and the fruits are bigger now and look darker. We noticed a few buds too!
We can't wait to see when leaves will start to appear..and when it will start to gain some height too!
You can visit more families that are participating in this Outdoor Hour Challenge on this blog: Handbook of Nature Study.

Someone wasn't too impressed that Adrienne and I were in the front yard..and he wasn't!


  1. We were looking at our tree's buds and marveling that each one is going to be a leaf come springtime. Amazing little bundles they are right there, just waiting for the right time.

    Glad you were able to get out and make your observations.

    Thanks for sharing your link,

  2. Cute (the dog in the window).


  3. I wanted to do the Handbook of Nature Study challenges, but find it difficult - no, impossible! - without living in North America. LOL There seem to be no nature guides whatsoever available online or at the library here for Korean trees, shrubs, etc. So we do our best to muddle through nature study!

    The photos came out so well. Ahhh, melting snow!

  4. Thanks for sharing some signs of spring! I'll cling to the hope that it is around the corner wherever I can :D


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