Outdoor Hour Challenge ~ Winter Series ~ Winter Weather

Today was a beautiful day. The temperature was higher than it has been in a while, around 1 degree Celsius so we decided to take advantage of it. We set out for a nature walk right after lunch. We also decided to complete another topic on the Outdoor Hour Challenge. We talked about the weather as we started our walk. It snowed yesterday a little bit, but already it was melting. We looked at the sky and talked about the clouds.

The farmer's field is bare right now, with little patches of snow.

I am always attracted by the simple beauty of nature (and take lots of pictures!).

The little path we take for our nature walks near our house is right next to the train track...and here it is!

There is a tiny creak by the path too. Andre wanted to see how frozen it was and if it was safe to walk on.

The creak covered in snow.

We found an abondonned nest.

The creak was the main attraction today...We tested the ice and found out that in the centre it was thick enough to safely walk on. I had a hard time at first with this, but I learned to relax and the children were safe and had a great time!

We even found animal tracks!

This was a wonderful afternoon spent outside, in nature. Every one enjoyed the fresh air and the walk, Orion too!

To find out more about the Outdoor Hour Challenge visit the wonderful Handbook of Nature Study blog.


  1. Oh, lots of great stuff this week! I really would love to go on a frozen creek walk and I think your weeds with the snow/ice are beautiful.

    What kind of tracks were they?

    Thanks for sharing your link.

  2. What a great nature walk. Your photos are beautiful! I love the detail you capture. Andre checking the ice is my favorite, I think. =)

  3. What a lovely walk. I love the pictures, and the train must have been very exciting up close. I love the snow walk. Glad our walk wasn't that cold though :-)

  4. Love the photos, and fun winter adventure! We did the winter weather challenge too - now, I just need to get it posted. We also went to a creek - not quite so close to home, but in Mpls.

    Thanks - I'd love for my blog to be added to your list. I'm going to make a public list of blogs too, and I'll put yours on mine.

    Oh, and those little tracks in the snow are so cute. Wonder what left them?

    Take care - Michelle in MN

  5. You sure got some beautiful shots on this walk!! I love the ones of the sun!


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