Reading My Library Challenge ~ "B" and "C" Authors

Reading My Library

I haven't posted about this challenge since the letter "A" books . We have been reading a lot of picture books and are now ready to move on to authors that start with the letter "D", so it's time to share a bit about our finds in "B" and "C"!!

I find this challenge is excellent because it keeps me going back to the picture section every time I visit the library. All three children love picture books, but sometimes, on our library visit,  I tend to focus on what books we need for science or history, or other subjects, and bypass the picture books, unless Celeste happens to grab a few. With this challenge, we have been consistent in getting through the shelves and picking out picture books. It has been wonderful for Celeste to discover new-to-her authors.

Her favourites from the "B" section were:

From the "C" section, she particularly liked:

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