2010 Iditarod

The 2010 Iditarod starts today! The sled dog race is in its 38th year and is over 1150 miles in Alaska. This is our 3rd year following the Iditarod dog sled race in Alaska.

The children this year will be checking the progress of these mushers:

Adrienne chose Zoya De Nure # 5 ,
Andre is consistent with choosing Lance Mackey # 49,
Celeste is participating for the first time and chose Celeste Davis # 58
I also picked a musher, Michelle Phillips # 36.

There are many activities and ideas available online that are related to this race. Over the past two races, we have done a lapbook on sled dogs, did some Iditarod math, wrote biographies on our mushers, kept track on charts of their progess, and much more. We read books related to sled dogs, the original serum run, and Alaska. We even had an Iditarod celebration with our homeschool friends that also followed the race! You can visit my past posts on this blog : Iditarod 2008 and 2009 posts.
This year will be a little different for us, since we have a Siberian Husky at home now. We will be studying even more than before the stories of the dogs, how they are handled and what precautions are in place to keep them safe during the race.


  1. Great picks! I was wondering if Celeste would pick that lady, I noticed the name lol. WOW, Orion is gettinbg BIG!!!

  2. What a cool unit study to focus on right now! Have fun with the Iditarod. Orion didn't choose a musher? LOL

  3. Sounds like such a fun activity. Looking forward to reading about it.


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