Book Sharing Monday :: The Cobble Street Cousins

Celeste has discovered a series of chapter books that she loves! I have been trying for the last few months to get her interested in short chapter books. She can't read them on her own, but I enjoy reading to her, and thought it was time to add this type of book.

She still loves picture books, and we will continue to read those for many years. Adrienne and Andre still love good picture books and they are 12 and 11. I really believe there is no "age limit" with picture books.

Anyway, here is a series that Adrienne read herself a few years ago. I noticed one of the titles at our library and brought it home to try it with Celeste. She loved it and we requested all the other titles in the series.

The Cobble Street Cousins series is written by Cynthia Rylant (who has many wonderful books besides that series). There are six books in this series. All the stories include three nine year old girls, Tess, Lily, and Rosie. They are living with their Aunt Lucy for the year while their parents travel for work with the ballet. Lily and Rosie are sisters, and Tess is their cousin. 

Here are the titles of each book:
In Aunt Lucy's Kitchen
Special Gifts
Some Good News
Summer Party
Wedding Flowers

These stories are sweet, friendship stories. The girls enjoy spending time together, and with their Aunt. Each girl has a talent that shines through in each story.


  1. These look great. My DD (8) prefers gentle stories (she's been in a Paddington Bear for about six months now) and these look like they may fit the bill. : )


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