Book Sharing Monday (a little late) :: On a Canadian Day

Sorry I am late for this Book Sharing Monday post! We have had a busy last few days with a visit from our in-laws. We had a great time and enjoyed watching the last day of the Olympic Games together. We are so proud of all the Canadian athletes!
The book I am sharing today is called "On a Canadian Day: Nine Story Voyages Through History". It is written by Rona Arato and illustrated by Peter Ferguson. Adrienne recognized the illustrator at once since he did the art in The Sisters Grimm series.

The book introduces us to nine different characters. They are all 12 year old kids living in Canada at different times in history. The characters are all fictional but their experiences are based on real events. The first child we meet is Little Wolf on the day of his first buffalo hunt, in the Great Plains in 1620. The last child in this book is Lan, a Vietnamese refugee, is Muskoka, Ontario in 1979.