Book Sharing Monday :: On Meadowview Street

We have had a few warmer days here in SW Ontario, and it has made us think of spring and gardening!
We read this book a few months ago and took it out again from the library.

"On Meadowview Street" by Henry Cole is the story of Caroline who just moved to Meadowview Street. She doesn't understand why it is called Meadowview since there is no meadow or view. She discovers a single wildflower in the middle of her green grass front yard and decides to keep it safe. Soon more wildflowers popped up in Caroline's preserve...and other surprises too! We love this book andit inspires us to create our own meadow around our house...Wouldn't you prefer a meadow in your backyard (or front yard if your town allows it) over those boring grass yards!

"Her preserve got bigger. And bigger. And bigger. That little butterfly seems to like my little garden, Caroline thought happily. As the grass grew taller, more flowers popped up all over the yard. Soon there were different kinds, in different colours, everywhere."


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