Field Trip to the North American Black History Museum

We visited the North American Black  History Museum this week with a group of homeschoolers. I didn't end up taking many photos unfortunately, but we did have a very interesting time there. A guide started our visit in the The Nazrey African Methodist Episcopal Church, (built in 1848) with an explanation of the Underground Railroad and the slavery in the USA and Canada. He explained how slavery ended in Canada first and the conditions that many slaves endured to flee to Canada from the USA. He himself had family that escaped slavery by running away to Canada.

We moved to a different part of the museum and watched a short movie called "The Voice of the Fugitive"

After the movie and a discussion about it with the guide, we moved on to visit another part of the museum. This was Celeste's favourite part. The Log  Cabin was a residence of escaped slave George Taylor and his family after 1880. The cabin had one small room on the main floor and another one on the second floor. The guide explained to our group where the expression "sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite" came from and Celeste was able to understand when she saw how the bed was made upstairs. She wasn't too impressed with the chair/bathroom!


  1. It's too bad that I didn't bet back into the swing of things sooner. I would have signed us up for this trip. I'm glad you guys enjoyed it. It would be interesting to know more about the history here. Black history in this area is HUGE! I want to visit Uncle Tom's Cabin as well.


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