Iditarod Update!

The Iditarod Race is now done! We kept track through the race of all our selected mushers. Here are the final results.

Adrienne had picked Zoya De Nure, and she scratched early on in the race, at Rainy Pass. Adrienne decided to not choose someone else and just follow along Celeste's pick and mine.

Andre had picked Lance Mackey again, and again he won! Andre was very pleased!
Lance Mackey finished the race in 8 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes with 11 dogs.

Celeste's choice was Celeste Davis. She was the Red Lantern by arriving last in the race. Celeste was still very happy about this and she showed a lot of interest during the race, wanting to fill in the log with all the information. Celeste Davis took 13 days, 5 hours, 6 mn to finish the race and had 9 dogs.

Michelle Phillips was my choice. She also was able to finish the race. It took her 10 days, 8 hours, 31 minutes. She had 11 dogs at the finish line and placed 27th.

We didn't do as many activities this year based on the Iditarod, but we did read a few picture books and followed the progress every day of our selected mushers.


  1. You can see I am checking out some of your older posts.

    This was our second year choosing mushers to follow. I send out an email to extended family to join us as well and then send out periodic updates.

    I had Sonny Lindner this year, he placed 18th. Luckily my younger son had better luck this year than last. He picked one last year who scratched pretty early, so we let him choose again, and I think this second one also scratched. This time his musher came in 11th.

    I think choosing the red lantern is as good as choosing the winner! Good job to Celeste!


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