Journey North Mystery Class Update!

Now the fun begins! Adrienne and I have so much with the Interdisciplinary Clues every year. This time, Andre is joining us.
We calculated the approximate longitude for each of the mystery classes with the Longitude Clues using the time of sunrise on the equinox for each location in Universal Time from last week and it helped us make our guesses this week.

Here are our guesses so far, using the longitude clues, the weekly photoperiod collected since February, and the interdisciplinary clues. We could be wrong, this is early on still, and in the past, we were wrong with our first guesses...

Mystery Class #1: North America
Mystery Class #2: Central America
Mystery Class #3: Antarctica
Mystery Class #4: Marshall Islands or New Zealand (South Islands)
Mystery Class #5: Indonesia
Mystery Class #6: France or Spain or Belgium or Netherlands
Mystery Class #7: Queen Maud Land in Antarctica
Mystery Class #8: Arctic Ocean
Mystery Class #9: Island of Sumatra or Maylasia or Thailand
Mystery Class #10: Japan

Are you participating in Journey North Mystery Class? Leave me a comment if you are!


  1. Hi,
    This is my first visit to your blog. We are doing the Mystery Classes, too and I have to say I love your graphs! We plotted ours as lines, all on the same graph. Is the method you are using from their website, or did you come up with it? I love how it really shows the pattern of daylight and that you can move the separate pieces around and get them in the correct order north to south.

    I think we are in agreement on all of the locations, except with this week's clues, we have narrowed a couple of them down a little more.

    Have fun and great job!

  2. Sarah! thanks for stopping by! I answered your question in my new post for mystery class today.


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