March sewing to-do list

After participating in the Sewing Olympics on flickr, a lot of the participants (and gold medal winners!) decided to continue on. I am a little late in putting my list together but here is it. A short list for the month of March filled with projects that have been on my to-do-some-day-when-i-have-time list. All these projects will use fabric and scraps that I already have. I wonder how many I will get done?

  1. wall pocket tidy tote (planning on making 3, one for each of my children)
  2. quilted advent calendar
  3. patchwork camera strap cover
  4. collections hanging thingy for Andre (not as big, but one that hangs from bunk bed)
  5. a new eyeglass case for mil (last one broke)
  6. table runner for coffee table
I also want to start collecting and organizing small pieces of fabrics for a i-spy rainbow quilt like this one.


  1. nice list
    i had never seen the tute for the camera strap. thanks for the link
    good luck on your list


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