Outdoor Hour Challenge ~ Signs of Spring

We went for a walk this afternoon, in our usual spot, past the farmer's field near our house. I gave the kids the Spring Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt page and told them to try to find the items on it during our walk.  Adrienne took charge with the clipboard and started delegating to her younger siblings who would be looking for what. I just backed away and let them do their thing!

They saw lots of mud, some dry, some squishy, some really wet:

some new green grass, poking through the mud, which counted as "something moving in the breeze" and something that they smell:

A bright red bug that we need to identify:

They heard many birds and saw a few as well, like this robin:

They saw and heard water running in the little creek (one spot had a little current):

They felt many things during their scavenger hunt:
something warm from the sun - sticks and twigs
something cool in the shade - metal fence
something moist or wet - mud
something soft or smooth - rock

They also had a lot of fun playing in the muddy part of the creek, and crossing from one side to the other (many times)!

I had a lovely time watching them, taking photos, and sitting with Orion (our dog)!
We agreed that we need to do this scavenger hunt again in a few weeks, since we didn't notice any wildflowers, blossoms or new leaves on the trees. We also didn't see any bees or worms.

This was part of our Outdoor Hour Challenges. You can read more about this particular Signs of Spring one here.


  1. Looks like a great hike!! We just printed ours off, going out tomorrow to have a look!

  2. I love the red insect! Wow, he really stands out from the landscape doesn't he!

    I think you this was a great way to spend some time outdoors at this time of the year. I hope you do not get more snow like we did this morning...it is melting very fast though so I can live with it. I did get my cocoa this morning so that makes me a happy mom.

    Thanks for taking us along on your walk.

  3. What a fun and happy hike! Yeah!

  4. I was wondering if I could use one of your photos as the OHC photo of the week? Please let me know. harmonyfinearts@yahoo.com.

  5. What a great hike! The kids look like they were really into what they were doing.

  6. I like how your kids found so much nature in a "regular kind " of place. It doesn't look like you had to go to some fancy state park, just a place near by. Good for you for opening your children's eyes to nature all around them!


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