Weekend Visitors..

We have been hearing  Canadian Geese for the last week or so, and seeing quite a few at the pond near our house. Yesterday, Orion was looking outside and growling very quietly..I couldn't see what was in our yard that was making him behave this way until I looked up and saw those 2 geese on top of our neighbour's house! They stayed there for about 20 minutes (and so did Orion).

Celeste spotted this bird, a killdeer, from our front window, in the field next to our house. She has very good eyes, because I couldn't even see what she was pointing out to me at first.


  1. How handsome! I love Canadian geese!


  2. What a great picture! Sometimes we have so many of them flying over our house that we can hear them coming from inside our house with all of the windows and doors shut.

  3. Canadian Geese have woke me up three times this week flying noisily overhead. They are an amazing creation with awesome abilities.

    Barb-Harmony Art Mom


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