Book Sharing Monday :: Fancy Nancy

Celeste has loved all the Fancy Nancy books we have found at our library. I didn't think I would like them at first, but once I started reading them aloud to her, she grew on me!
These two titles are the last ones we found and our favourites so far.
Fancy Nancy Explorer Extraordinaire! and Fancy Nancy's Favourite Fancy Words from Accessories to Zany are written by Jane O'Connor and illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser.

In Explorer Extraordinaire, Fancy Nancy shares her love of the outdoors while she is exploring her backyard, discovering butterflies, wildflowers, birds, and more. The book has recipes and lots of interesting facts about nature. It's my favourite of the series so far.

Fancy Nancy's Favourite Fancy Words from Accessories to Zany is a guide of fancywords with explanations and great illustrations. Great for learning new vocabulary!

Fancy Nancy has her own website, filled with ideas, games, and more information about the books: Fancy Nancy .


  1. Hi Alex! Since your children (and you) really like Explorer Extraordinaire, you might be interested in voting for Robin Preiss Glasser as Illustrator of the Year for this book in the Children's Choice Book Awards sponsored by the Children's Book Council (

  2. I think we own just about every Fancy Nancy book out there. My girls also love them. I think they are quite cute and anything that gets my kids looking at books is fine by me.

    Thanks for sharing,


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