Book Sharing Monday :: Monster Museum

As part of our poetry study this month (April is Poetry Month in Canada and the USA), we read "Monster Museum" written by Marilyn Singer and illustrated by Gris Grimly. I had shared a very similar book by the same author in January, Creature Carnival.
Monster Museum is a collection of poems about different monsters. You are taken on a tour of the Monster Museum. The illustrations in this book are great and match the poems perfectly.
Here is a short little poem, from the Giant page:

"Acting defiant
to a furious giant
is really a delicate issue
for he's far from petite,
he's got very big feet,
and he might be inclined
just to squish you."


  1. This looks like such a fun book! We'll have to see if we can find it at the library here, or just after Halloween when we get to Germany (oh yes, my first stop when we move will be the new library to scope it out!).

  2. thank you so much for sharing .. I live in Brazil and usually we don't get the chance to know such artists :)


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