Future Librarian?

Celeste (5) loves to play librarian. She has for about the last 2 years now. Usually she uses her cash register to scan the bar codes on the books and puts them in bags. The other day, she discovered the elastics in a drawer and the discarded library receipts in our library basket. Now we have "books on hold" right at our house :)


  1. How fun! My son does the same thing! He is always playing pretend library. He gets a bag, picks out some books, pretends to check them out and then brings them home.
    Today he asked me to help put all the books in alphabetical order like they do at the library.

  2. Love this! We once turned our kitchen into a library:
    We may have to do this again soon seeing as our public library is now closed for 3 months :-(

  3. I just love the imaginations of children! How sweet! :)

  4. I always wanted to be a librarian when I was little. I still would consider it a pretty cool job.


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