We are ready to start gardening! We will be planting some seeds to start indoors, and I have already some plans for our vegetable patch in the backyard.
I would love to find a few gardening blogs (or websites) or books that would be helpful to a beginning gardening like me...would you have any suggestions?
We are planning on being organic in our gardening, and prefer to grow vegetables, fruits and flowers that can be cut and enjoyed in a bouquet. Fancy landscaping that doesn't produce anything is not what we are after!
Please leave a comment with any links that might be helpful to us. Thank you!


  1. sounds like my kind of garden~!!~
    love this photo and am so pleased to have discovered your personal blog.

    i hope you don't mind if i put it on my "partners in inspiration" side list?

    the soothing sounds of the ocean are just right and i actually feel myself breathing slower and deeper as i read your blog~!!!~

    nice work~!~


  2. Hi Alex - I have a blog which has lots of our gardening on it - not exclusively, but mostly.
    Welcome to the greenside - you will have such fun.


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