♪♫ 38 ♫♪

38 !?!
How can that be?
I really don't feel 38...
I woke up this morning wondering what this year will bring to my life, how can it be any better than it already is?
I also thought about the 2 years I have until I turn 40.
I have told myself often that by the time I am 40 or during my 40th year I would run a half or full marathon, if possible at Disney World. I have been slowly training for that. Running is one of my passion, but like all my personal passions, sometimes it takes a back seat. It can be difficult to juggle all my responsibilities and passions, but I am wishing that this year, I remember to take care of myself. Take time to run, take time to read, to sew, to take photographs, and to spend time by myself.

Happy Birthday to Me ♥


  1. Happy Birthday to You in your little corner of quiet and resolve! I'm nearly two years on the other side of forty and remember the leading up to and celebrating of being full of contentment- and parties!

  2. Happy Birthday Alex!
    I hope you've had a great one!!!

  3. Happy Birthday! May of '72 was a very good month indeed ;)

  4. Happy Birthday! I turn 37 in a couple of weeks. I understand your thoughts. LOL! Life is really wonderful though, isn't it!! Have a wonderful, fulfilling year!! :)


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