52 books :: book 23 :: Club Dead

It might seem like I am going through books really fast lately...I am!  I don't regularly watch tv since we don't have satelite or cable, and we haven't been watching many movies either, so I read at night or whenever the kids have been busy and happy by themselves. Lately, with the nice weather back, they have been outside a lot! I set up my chair outside and enjoy reading in our backyard.

I finished Club Dead this afternoon. I found out that a few other homeschool moms from our local group love Sookie Stackhouse novels too and were happy to lend me the ones I couldn't get fast enough from the library! How nice!!

Anyway, Club Dead was excellent. A fast pace story in which Sookie is found in danger again while trying to save Bill and confused with her feelings for...Bill, Eric and Alcide (a new character but not a vampire). Great story full of humour and excitment. I can't wait to start the next one.

Books read: 23/52
Pages read: 7137
Next book: Dead to the World by Charlaine Harris