52 fridays -- week 19

I made a mosaic since I couldn't decide between the four self portraits, with books which was the theme of this week. I am getting used to the short hair..and the silver. It really all depends on how the light sits on my hair, the silver ends up being more noticeable at times than others (like that top right one...who is that old lady looking for a book?!!).


  1. Still loving the hair- no old women that I can see. You nearly inspire me to pluck up enough courage to make it to the long overdue visit of dread myself! I've been contemplating the 52 Week Challenge, and checked out the sites, but I'm far too far behind! Book Club tonight however- we discussed Jasper Fforde's the Eyre Affair and chose Wolf Hall for next month. Yes, 52 Month Challenge might be more my speed, I'm afraid- the spirit is willing, but...


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