Book Sharing Monday :: The Cats of Roxville Station

I read this book aloud a couple of weeks ago and we all enjoyed it. We have been reading several books from Jean Craighead George, and this one was the first chapter book. The Cats of Roxville Station is the story of Rachet, a cat that was left near the train station. This is a fictional story about survival and friendship, but has many interesting facts about cats and their way of interacting with other cats, animals, and humans. I would recommend this book for anyone that likes cats or is trying to learn more about their behaviour.

"Queenella surveyed the small puffed tiger cat, first with that one eye in a black patch of fur and then with the other in a patch of white. Holes in her ears marked fights with vicious rats, and a scar across her nose told of a past encounter with Windy, the barn owl. She could see that the stranger cat was marked with stripes. Cats see no color, just shades of gray, but the grays are colorful to them."


  1. I love this Author - we read My Side of the Mountain and all enjoyed it - this post has just prompted me to order the sequel.

    Lou x

  2. I think my girls would like this book. They love cats. We can't wait until we move to a place where we can get a cat.

  3. Hi Alex,

    Happy Monday to you! In addition to today's book post, I plan to be blogging about other Scotland resources and books we're using in the next few weeks.

    One of my children has read The Cats of Roxville Station--I should see if the other two are interested in hearing it. Thanks for the reminder about the book!

  4. I am looking forward to reading James chapter books. I love that excerpt that you have shared - such description. This may go on my wish list for the future.


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