Book Sharing Monday :: Cliff Hanger

While continuing on with the Reading my Library Challenge, we discovered a new-to-us author. I had seen the name Jean Craighead George associated with My Side of the Mountain and Julie of the Wolves, but didn't realize she had written many picture books as well! As I mentioned in my 100 books post for April, we love her theme of nature and adventure. Today I am sharing a book called Cliff Hanger, written by Jean Craighead George and illustrated by Wendell Minor.
Here is the description from the book jacket:

"When Axel's dog, Grits, is left stranded after following two climbers up a mountain trail, danger is imminent as a lightning storms threatens. Kaboom! Can Axel, with the help of his dad, make the difficult climb up Cathedral Wall to rescue Grits before it's too late?"

And a short quote from the book:

"Axel climbed slowly, from crack to crack to ledge to crack, moving like a ballet dancer. His father let out rope as he climbed."

Here are a few other picture books from the same author that we have enjoyed.
We have a few more on requests at our local library as well. I think we will be doing an author study and learn more about this wonderful lady.  I also started reading aloud one of her novels, The Cats of Roxville Station.

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  1. Interesting looking/sounding book!

  2. That looks like a very exciting read and I love the illustrations.

  3. Hope Mr. Linky behaves himself today. : )

    Thanks for hosting, as usual! Your post has some of George's books that are unfamiliar to us, but look forward to getting to know.

  4. Well, it's Tuesday but I posted my daughter's book favorite on my blog too.


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