Book Sharing Monday :: Kids' Fun & Healthy Cookbook

During this month, my children and I are doing a special unit study on cooking. We are studying nutrition, kitchen safety, kitchen tools, and of course cooking! I requested many children cookbooks from our local library and this is by far my favourite one.

Kids' Fun & Healthy Cookbook is written by Nicola Graimes and published by DK. The book is full of great photos, clear explanations on how each recipe is prepared, and extra information on food, nutrition, and healthy eating.
It is divided into 6 sections, the first one is the Introduction which explains why healthy eating is important and which types of food will make good and tasty choices. Breakfast recipes come next, then Light Meals, Main Meals, Desserts, and Baking. Finally a Glossary and Index are at the end of the book.
In my search of appropriate children cookbooks, I found that many had ''unhealthy'' choices, either fatty foods or high in sugar recipes, so I was very pleased to find this one!

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  1. Happy Monday to you Alex!
    I'm enjoying the Mr. Linky link--it does making vising everyone else much easier!

    Oh, and we'll have to check out this cookbook. Looks like some great recipes. I really like cookbooks with photos--I'm such a 'show me' type person.

  2. I just noticed Last child in the woods on your list - I'm about half way through the book at the moment...very interesting!
    and the cook book looks great.

  3. Sounds like a fun unit! I've added it to my list for the future! :)

  4. Thank you for adding Mr. Linky, it makes it easier to see what everyone is reading. I was not able to copy and paste our link so I had to manually enter it.


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