International Postcard Swap

We sent our five Canadian postcards earlier this week, 2 went to the UK, one to Florida, another one to Spain, and last one to Singapore! Adrienne and I worked on the postcards, decided which would go to who,  included a tiny bit of information about us and a children book recommendation.
We can't wait to see where our postcards will be from!

I have read that there will probably be a second swap round, you can find out more by visiting the Playing by the Book blog.


  1. We sent 2 of the same postcards. The Canada map and the Canada goose.

    We have already received 3 postcards in the mail. One from Japan, one from Wales and one from the US. Have you received any yet?

  2. These look lovely! It was great to have you participating in the swap :-)

  3. Hi

    We received your postcard today - thank you. My youngest son James (2)loves geese, and was thrilled when he saw the postcard x

  4. That's so cool. With the world of internet and email nowadays, postcards are going the way of ghosts....sad.


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