Mini Co-Op

This month, we participated in a homeschool mini co-op with a local homeschool group. We had never been to something like that, and were pleased to try it out. The theme was Canadian Pioneers and we did many activities. Here are some photos from each of the three sessions.

First session was filled with games and crafts. Celeste is trying to catch the small donut without using her hands, and below the photo is Celeste practicing her sewing skills while making a bookmark.

In the second session, we went on a field trip to a nearby dairy farm. You can see my post here.

At the last session, the children made bread and cut up apples to put on top. We also made butter. We all ate this delicious snack!
There were many other activities, among them shadow portraits and tin candle holder.


  1. Looks like alot of fun. I just love co-ops. Haven't participated with many in the past couple of years, but hoping some members of our support group will start another one up in the fall.

  2. We went to our local Home school group today, lots of fun too,looks like you had a great day. x


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