Science Rendezvous 2010 ~ University of Windsor

What an amazing event! I noticed a poster at our local library a few days ago announcing this free event. Science Rendezvous is a festival that celebrates all things related to science. We saw so many cool things today, and as my friend Carol said to me (she attended the Toronto one last year) "we had a wondeful time at the one last year, more science in one day than they learn in school in years lol!" How true!

Our first stop was at the University of Windsor, we attended a Chemistry Magic Show put on by two students. This was an amazing presentation and the timing was perfect since we have been studying chemistry this year. The two students did many experiments! They made slime, foam, changed copper pennies into silver and brass, nylon so many!

The other portion at the University of Windsor was a Science Carnival. Many tables were set up from the different departments. We visited each one of them, and learned so much! Adrienne was especially interested in the Forensic Science and Andre in the Robotics and Computer Science. Each table was great, with wonderful people explaining and taking the time to show us everything.

A few robots:

Andre tried out this stacking cups game:

I liked looking at all these human bones!

At the Engineering table:

And the Forensic Science:


  1. Oh my goodness! You have so many great ideas ~ keep inspiring me Ontario friend ;)


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