Spring Nature Study ~ Apple Tree

As part of the Outdoor Hour Challenges, we are studying apple trees or flowering trees. We don't have any in our yard, but we knew of a crabapple tree close by.
We missed the blooming flowers but could see the tiny little apples starting to grow!

We decided to do a leaf rubbing for our nature journal page:

We found a few books at our local library on the subject and these two were our favourite.
Both books are beautiful and educational.
Our Apple Tree by Gorel Kristina Naslund shows an apple tree  through all four seasons. I took a photo of the page that showed the tree in the stage of the crabapple tree we studied:

The other book is One Red Apple written by Harriet Ziefert. I thik it is probably meant for younger children, but we all enjoyed the art by Karla Gudeon.

You can visit the Handbook of Nature Study blog for more ideas on how to study an apple tree. There is so much to learn!


  1. Love the little baby apples and the very last photo with the illustration of the apple blossom from the book with the bee. Thanks again for the book tips. :)

    I enjoyed your entry.


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