Spring Nature Study ~ Mammal Study : Cat

Meet Clara. She is 2 years old and her human mommy is Adrienne. For our Spring Nature Study on cats, we didn't have to go far...Clara was right near our school table, as usual, on the top of the couch on her favourite blanket.

She has many favourite napping spots, but this one seems to be her favourite while we are "doing school".
I grabbed our Handbook of Nature Study book and we answered together a few of the discussion questions.
Here are our facts we learned about our pet cat:

  • When hungry, Clara tries to trip us by walking in front of us to get our attention. She might also attack our legs.

  • She hisses when she fights with our dog. She growls sometimes too, which is when we now we need to stop the fighting/playing.

  • She rubs up against us and meows - this is how we think she shows us that she likes us.

  • Her eyes are green.

  • She has about 26 whiskers (Adrienne counted them).

  • She has many colours: black, brown, white, and orange. She is a calico cat.

We learned a lot about cat behaviour over the last couple of weeks by reading aloud an excellent book by Jean Craighead George called The Cats of Roxville Station. I mentioned this novel in a Book Sharing Monday post, and would recommend it for anyone wanting to learn more about cats.


We also enjoyed reading and looking at the adorable photographs in this book, Watch Me Grow: Kitten.

There are more interesting ideas on how to study cats at Handbook of Nature Study blog.


  1. What a lot of fun observing your own cat is! Great study and we had a cat that looked very much like yours and her name was Callie. I really enjoyed reading about your study and the extra books too.

    Thanks for sharing your link.

  2. I think we need to read the first book. I'll be checking the library for that one.


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