52 books :: book 27 :: The Story of Science: Newton at the Center

The Story of Science: Newton at the Centre by Joy Hakim is a science book that, in my opinion, would appeal to anyone. It is part of a series called The Story of Science.  You can read more about the series, along with samples at this site. There are also teacher's guide, if you would like to use these books for your homeschool or other educational setting.

Here is a brief explanation of the series:

"If you think science is difficult, these books are meant for you. They focus on the quest to understand the universe, from Thales to today's cosmology. Reading them you'll meet Pythagoras (a great mind, but a strange man), Archimedes (he could do everything), Isaac Newton (not very likeable), James Clerk Maxwell (a shy Scotsman who did the math that led to the electromagnetic revolution), and Einstein (who not only brought us relativity, but confirmed the atom and laid the foundation for quantum theory). Quantum theory? Relativity? What are they? Read these books and you'll find out."

The first book in the series is Aristotle Leads the Way which covers the ancient world. Then, Newton at the Center and finally Einstein Adds a New Dimension. I really like how the books follow the natural flow of history, combining it with science discovery. The books are full of illustrations (a lot of paintings and works from that time period), maps, and diagrams.
I will be adding this series to our home library and using it in our homeschool. I think it would appeal to children age 10 and up.
If you have the opportunity to borrow this series from your local library, I would highly recommend it.

Books read: 27/52
Pages read: 8189 (I didn't read the whole book, it has 431 pages)
Next book: Definitely Dead - I am going to finish the series for the next couple of weeks now, they all came at once from the library holds!