A nature study treasure found at the thrift store!

I found this little treasure at the thrift store today! When I have a little bit of time, I stop by this store on my way to the grocery store and look at the book section. I usually browse through the children books, then the reference/education, and sometimes the "vintage" books. This last section is where I found this book called Natural Science Through the Seasons by J.A. Partridge (1955 edition). I briefly looked at it, and was interested enough to pay $2.99 for it.
Once I came home, I looked a bit better and noticed that it looked like a wonderful resource for our nature study, especially since it was written by a Canadian from North Bay, Ontario! The book has 100 teaching units divided in the months of the school year, starting with September. These units are all about exploring nature and include activities, poems, ideas for excursions, all for different ages (primary grades, junior and intermediate grades). At the end of each unit there is also a book list.

Each month has a day by day calendar filled with daily activity ideas:

Here is a close up of a few days in June:

Some months also have these "beautify your surroundings" pages: 

This leaf was in the book...I wonder how long it has been safely tucked in these pages, and who put it there?

I came across this page and just loved the illustrations. The book is full of lovely black and white illustrations.

While trying to find more information about this wonderful book, I came across a post at this homeschool blog. I realized I had found a gem, but reading her review confirms it! This will be a great addition to our Handbook of Nature Study book by Anna Botsford Comstock.
The book is dedicated to the author's daughter Joan and to all other girls and boys-and grown-ups-whose lives are being enriched daily by their love of birds and butterflies, of trees and flowers, of clouds and beautiful sunsets-of all things of nature round about them, this book is dedicated.

This old book has found the right home and will be treasured!


  1. This book looks absolutely charming. What a find!

  2. What an AWESOME discovery! :)

  3. What a great find! Ann at A Holy Experience shares from this book monthly. How Great!

  4. This looks like a wonderful book for nature study. Was it a Value Village you were at? Because the VV near me doesn't sell hardcovers for less than $4.99, which I think is rather high for a thrift store.

  5. Glad you found a copy! And thanks for the link.

  6. Can you share the ISBN number please? Thank you! It looks like a great book.

  7. Noah: There isn't an ISBN number anywhere that I could find on this book! It was published by The Macmillan Company of Canada Limited in Toronto and printed by T.H. Best Printing Company, Limited in Don Mills, Ontario.

  8. Hi... Thanks for posting the June 'ideas' part of the calendar. I downloaded Ann Voskamp's a few years ago when she first posted them, but she didn't post the ideas pages for the months of June, September, October, and November. (By 'ideas pages' I mean that non-dated pages.) Would you consider taking photos of or scanning those months' idea pages and posting them? If not, I totally understand, so please do not feel pressured. I thought I would take a chance. Also, I'm assuming there isn't a July or August because of summer break from school. Does your book have December or January? Ann never posted any of those pages, so I'm assuming that they don't exist. Thanks again for posting! I love the photo of the cover too. A very pretty old book. :-)


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