Art and Afternoons at the Park

For the last 3 weeks, Adrienne has been attending an art class for homeschool girls. Today was the last one, and she finished painting the jewelery box. The flowers in the vase and the cat were done during the first 2 weeks. I love the cat, it looks like Clara.

While Adrienne was at her art class, we went to a nearby park. This park was beautiful and had many squirrels and frogs. There are not many tall trees near our home, so we don't see squirrels often anymore. Celeste was so excited to see how close they would come to us! Andre had a great time catching frogs to show Celeste and then letting them go in the woods.


  1. I Love the cat picture too! The pictures of the forest make me wish we lived in one. Think of all of the wonderful daily things we'd see and learn! Great pictures.


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