Book Sharing Monday :: Siege! Can You Capture a Castle?

Siege! Can You Capture a Castle? by Julia Bruce is a great addition to our history lessons. We have been studying the middle ages, and learning a lot about castles this year. This book does a great job explaining all the different things that would have happened during a siege, the planning before, the actual attack, and how people would have tried to survive the siege. The illustrations by Peter Dennis are detailed and add to the text perfectly.


Here is a quote from the "Before the Sige" chapter:

Remember, you don't just need brute force to succeed. You'll also need to use your wits to plan the attack and get information. Your tactics should include sending spies into the castle, stopping the castle's food supplies, and blocking enemy troops from coming to the rescue. The more information you can gather about the land, its lord, and its people, the better.

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  1. This looks like a great book! I will try to remember this one when I'm doing the Middle Ages with my son in a couple of years.

    I don't have a homeschooling blog, which is probably good because if I started participating in Book Sharing Monday you'd never get me to shut up...books are far and away my favourite topic. :D

  2. Sorry if I linked twice--the first time didn't show up and I didn't see the note about links taking a minute to go through until after I posted the second time. The first time I may have posted the wrong link, anyway.

    I really like the looks of Siege!--it looks like one of the better Usborne or Kingfisher books (for us, anyway--some of the Usborne books drive us batty).


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