Lego Quest # 18 :: Flags

The girls participated in this past week's Lego Quest. The assignment was to ceate a flag design, or use the colour or design of an existing flag.
Celeste decided to make the France flag and added 4 supportive blocks to keep it together. She chose this flag because France is where I grew up and she can't wait to visit some day!
Adrienne picked the Canada flag since we live in Canada. I really like the look of this flag too.

You can see many other lego flags from other homeschoolers at the Lego Quest site.  


  1. Great work on the Canadian flag - challenging to represent the Maple leaf - Way to go, Celeste! :)

  2. COOL!! We have got to join in on this, great find Alex!!!

  3. That's great. I'm off to join this because C loves Legos!!


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